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Our Policy on Photographs


"Promoting scouting through the use of appropriate and positive images is important. Scouting needs publicity and a picture is worth a thousand words".

...there have been concerns about the risks to young people when their photographs are used on websites and in publications, however, in most cases, following a few simple guidelines will make the taking and use of photographs a straightforward matter...

9th Carshalton Scout Group

Photographs and videos taken of 9th Carshalton taking part in activities in order to promote the group, and to enhance the Groups official website.

We follow strict guidelines on the use of images:

  • Avoid using the full name

  • Seek parental permission

  • Only allow photographs of suitably dressed subjects and in appropriate situations

  • Follow 'Young People First' (the yellow card) at all times.

If you have any objections please contact the Section Leader

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